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Mash Elite Mission and Future

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Mash Elite Mission and Future

Today I want to tell all of you more about this crazy team that I’ve created. Since I created the team and formed it into a 501c3 nonprofit, I haven’t done a great job telling our story. For some of you, you might be inspired to start a nonprofit, and for some of you, you will get to know more about the team. All you normally hear about are the athletes winning National Championships and flying around the world to represent Team USA. There is so much more to know.

Like most nonprofits, I’m excited about #givingtuesday , and yes, I am hoping that some of you all see it in your heart to support our organization. However, unlike a lot of other nonprofits, I don’t want you giving blindly to Mash Elite Strength. I want you to know who we are, what our mission is, where we are in the process, and our future goals. Then if you like what you read, then and only then I want your support. Here goes!

I left MuscleDriver USA at the end of 2015. Luckily I already had a gym and team of my own, so I naturally started growing my own team. Even when I was at MDUSA, at the American Open and National Championships, I would coach the 15-17 athletes for Team MDUSA and 10-15 of my own. Man those were crazy competitions. I have no idea how I was coaching that many athletes. I don’t think that I could physically do that now. However when you love a sport so much, you’re able to get through the storm.

I left MDUSA with a vision. I wanted to create a team like we had at MDUSA that could help support the dreams of athletes in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. At MDUSA we supported mainly Senior Athletes (best of the best regardless of age) with a gym to train, coaches, programming, some sport’s medicine, and financially (monthly living stipend, meet expenses, and travel). You might not like Brad Hess (former owner of MDUSA), but he definitely put his money where his mouth was. He paid the top performers really well.

MDUSA did a great job of helping Senior Athletes, but I wanted to help Youth, Junior, and Senior athletes. I left MDUSA wanting to help my athletes in all the same ways as we did at MDUSA and more. However, I desired to bring the characters of weightlifting to life along with the sport. I desired something bigger than we were doing at MDUSA, which brings us to the present.

Feeling of Victory

My goal from day one has been to bring the characters of weightlifting to life, so the world might fall in love with our sport. The only way to grow the sport is to bring it to life. I want all the people of the United States to know the athleticism that goes into performing a heavy Snatch. I want them to see the daily struggles that go into life of a weightlifter. I don’t simply want a weightlifting team for my own enjoyment. I do love my team, do don’t get me wrong. However I have a higher purpose for my involvement in weightlifting.

Here are my goals for this team:
Our Facility

1. Provide a Facility- we are doing well on this one. We have a 6,000 square foot beautiful facility that is stocked with all the bumpers and bars that one could want thanks to Intek Strength and USA Weightlifting. We have all the best accessory equipment Westside Barbell Belt Squat, Reverse Hyper, Glute Ham Raises, Hyperextension, neck machine, and so much more. We have men and women’s locker rooms with showers. We even have a hardwood rolling floor yoga room that we mainly use as a warm up and cool down room complete with all the body tempering devices. Once a Senior athlete makes it into the Top 10 at Nationals, we don’t charge them for the facility, coaching, or programming. Once a youth or junior athlete is in the Top 20 athletes in the country on the rankings provided by USA Weightlifting, we don’t charge them for the facility, coaching, or programming either.
Olympic weightlifting area and our youth

2. Provide the Best Coaching- until recently I had Coach Don McCauley as the other coach in our training room. It was amazing having two Senior International Coaches in the same room. If I couldn’t help an athlete, he would say something that would trigger the proper response and vice versa. As you might know, he is sick and battling cancer right now, so he moved home to Florida. Coach Crystal McCullough has stepped right up and is learning quickly. She’s a natural born coach, but she just needs a bit more experience. She’s getting plenty of that. I have to say that she is doing a great solo job with some of our youth athletes.

3. Help Our Top Athletes Financially- right now we are able to financially assist our Top 4 Onsite Senior Athletes financially with a monthly stipend. We also pay for the travel and meet expenses or the American Open and Senior Nationals for our Senior Athletes ranked in the Top 10. Here is the first place where funds are needed. The biggest expense is sending our coaches to all the National Events (American Open, Senior Nationals, AO1,2, and 3 Series, Youth Nationals, and Junior Nationals. I’ll talk more about that later. I would like to assist our Junior and Youth athletes more as well especially travel expenses and meet registration. The Youth and Junior athletes are the future of the sport. Housing is the other component of the financial goal.

4. Assist with Education- this is one of my biggest goals for several reasons. First I want my athletes to have a life after weightlifting. Yes I want them to win the Olympics one day, but I also want them to be able to support a family later in life. I want them to have a career that they love. Not to mention if we ever want to grow the sport to the level of football and basketball in America, we have to show parents and athletes that there is a future with this sport. My hat is off to the folks at USA Weightlifting for releasing the College Scholarship fund for the Top youth and junior athletes in the country. I am working with two colleges right now on starting a program, but now I have a much better plan. My goal is to raise money for a scholarship fund for my athletes to use at whichever school they choose modeling USA Weightlifting’s Scholarship. That way, it could be used at whichever school fits the athlete the most. For example, one of my athletes wants to go to a welding school. Awesome, that’s a solid career. We just need folks like you donating to our cause.

5. At Risk Program- this is the program that I want to grow the most. We define at risk as any child that is at risk of going down the wrong path. This could be:

·      Single Parent Children struggling
·      Children in a violent home
·      Children in an unstable home ex. Parents fighting all the time
·      Children into drugs
·      Fighting at school
·      Orphans
·      Neglect
·      Poverty

Anything that endangers a child’s future is classified as ‘at risk’ by our program. The problem is that we need a full-time person to kick this program off the ground. We need someone to make contacts with other youth programs and schools in the area. We need someone to arrange transportation or provide transportation to and from the gym.

We want to use weightlifting to teach the children all the lessons that the sport of weightlifting provides like: work ethic, goal setting, perseverance, and dedication. Then we want the ‘at risk’ director to teach them how to apply those lessons to life in a ‘Life Skills’ course. We desperately need the funds for this position.
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We’ve done a great job of recruiting and coaching the best weightlifting athletes in America. This year, we had four (two men and two women) Senior Athletes on the Senior World Team, which is 20% of the entire team. That’s our greatest International accomplishment to date. We also had three athletes on the Youth Pan American Team with 14-year-old Morgan McCullough winning the Gold Medal. We have two athletes locked on the Youth World Team for next year, and three sitting on Junior Teams for next year. We have three other athletes that should make Youth or Junior Teams and two athletes that might make Senior Teams. So no matter what we are going to have between 7-15 athletes on Team USA next year.
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That’s a pretty good start for a small program in Lewisville, NC. However, we have a mission that with your help we will continue to pursue. Here’s our driving mission in all of this:

We want to help grow the sport of weightlifting in America. We want to recruit, coach, and support athletes all the way to Olympic Gold. To do that we have to continue to grow and improve our youth and junior squads as they are the future. We also have to provide the necessary tools and financial assistance to help our athletes reach their goals and to build their future adult lives (college and trade schools). We want to use our success in the sport to help our local community with the best ‘at risk’ program in the United States. We want to teach our Team USA athletes to give back by assisting with the ‘at risk’ program.

It’s a big goal. I know that, but with your help we can do it together. We’ve already accomplished more anyone believed that we would. 2019 is going to be the best year yet. We have an incredible group of people that love our team and what we are doing. We also have some amazing parents that have agreed to volunteer their time to get the program off the ground. Thank God for these amazing people.

Here is what we need most urgently:

·      Money for travel- next year is going to have our athletes traveling all around the United States and the world. USA Weightlifting pays of most International Travel for the athletes, but not for the coaches. With our athletes qualifying for meets in Fiji and Cuba, our coaches are left with forking out thousands of dollars for travel.
·      At Risk Program- we need a full-time person to really kick off this program, and we need a small bus or van to transport the youth.
·      College Fund- I’m excited to start this fund for our top men and women to build their futures while training to be the best athlete in the world. I love the thought of allowing the athlete to choose the University or trade school that fits their needs the best. Along with USA Weightlifting’s fund, we could really make a difference in the lives of these young athletes.

Anything above and beyond these urgent goals would go directly towards the support of the athletes (‘at risk’ included in this). If we want to recruit the best athletes in America, we have to provide them with a future in the sport. Imagine if you could go to a parent and say:

“Hello Mrs. Jones, we can provide a college scholarship to your daughter, provide housing, and pay her a $2,500 per month with all expenses of the sport covered. Plus she can travel the world representing Team USA for free, and receive a stipend, bonuses, scholarship, sports psych, nutrition, recovery, and more from USA Weightlifting.”

When we make statements like this, we can recruit the best athletes in America. Then we can start dominating the sport of weightlifting Internationally like America already does in sports like track and field and swimming. USA Weightlifting under the guidance of Phil Andrews has already made massive strides in what they provide to athletes. Now it’s up to the clubs to do their part. I am trying.

Anyway, this is who we are, what we want to accomplish, and where we plan on going. I want to provide more and more free content to all of you to educate you more about the sport in hopes that you will grow the sport in your own area. We plan on producing more videos and podcasts with our athletes, so you all can get to know them. I want you to feel a part of the team because you are. I can’t do this alone. We already have four amazing sponsors that have helped us get this far:

Premier Sponsors
·      Intek Strength Best Bumper Plates and Bars  (www.IntekStrength.com)
·      Harbinger Fitness Belts, Straps, and Wraps https://harbingerfitness.implus.com/ )
·      Mash Elite Performance ( www.mashelite.com )
·      MG12 Magnesium Recovery Products ( www.mg12.com )
·      WOD Fitters Bands and Recovery Tools ( www.wodfitters.com) 

We couldn’t survive without these amazing companies. If we are to grow further, we need all of you to join the team. If you feel led to help, you can:

1. Donate (we have several options from a simple one-time any amount donation to monthly pledges with benefits from our team)

2. Sponsor our Team (this is for businesses or individuals that specialize in philanthropy)

è Email me directly at masheliteperformance@gmail.com

I want to thank all of you for following this team. We appreciate you all so much. If you have purchased anything from Mash Elite Performance, you are making the dreams of our athletes come true with 12% of all gross profits going to our team. We’ve already accomplished more than anyone thought that we could. Now we know that we can help USA Weightlifting take this beautiful sport to the next level.

All my thanks,

Coach Travis Mash 
Head Coach Mash Elite
USA Weightlifting Senior International Coach

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